Meet Oogie Biernot. She is our new puppy! She is 6 months old now and very calm and sweet. She is a rescue dog, and a mixed breed. Catahoula and Blue Heeler. She is brindle brown, black and rust.

She was rescued at 2 months with 3 of her siblings from an Amish farm in ohio. The farmer kept breeding his dogs but couldnt sell the pups so he stopped feeding them and they almost died. So now she gets to live with us!!

So far she has been inexplicably calm. Catahoula and Blue Heelers tend to be really hyper and energetic, but she hasnt been so far. She is very curious about sounds though.

I am beyond happy with my new pup, shes a sweet dog and is finally starting to open up to us both after some serious skittishness issues.


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