So I have been seeing a lot of reviews about Mama and how it was “predictable” or “slow” and how it was generally not scary. Let me just explain my thoughts on the movie below. Spoiler alert.

  1. This movie was scary as FUCK. 
  2. It was brilliant for a number of reasons.
  3. One of the biggest reasons is that you can empathise with Mama. She was a mentally disturbed girl who had her child taken away from her by people who deemed her unfit before she was given a chance to prove otherwise. When she tried to take her baby back, it ended in her death as well as the infants, but they were not together in death. that is sad as fuck. imagine if that were you.
  4. You feel bad for Mama. She does not hurt the children. She protects them viciously. She feeds them in the best way she knows how, she keeps them safe from wolves and other animals, she puts flowers in their hair and lets them create art. She makes them toys and plays with them. That is more than a lot of parents do. It is not her fault that she fears any other people being close to the girls. In her head, I am sure she was only afraid to have her children taken away again. 
  5. Though the scares are predictable in timing, what horror movie isnt like that? The scares, though ‘predictable’, are terrifying when they do happen and the movie is not without a plethora of them. Mama is inhuman and her skin is blackened by death. she has milky white eyes, that seem blind, but you best believe she can see your ass. Her body is distorted in shape and lanky and awkward. She makes some of the most disturbing fucking noises i have EVER heard in my fucking life, not to mention the way that bitch moves. She is inhumanly fast. Like. Really fucking fast. 
  6. People have been complaining about the ending, but that is because it is a very un-american horror movie ending. It ends perfectly. fucking. perfectly. Its tragic and sad and jarring. 
  7. This movie laces horror and tragedy really well because whilst you feel very sad for Mama and empathetic, you are also piss fucking scared of her. They give you plenty of reasons for both. 
  8. The two little girls who are main protagonists are beautifully brilliant actresses. They are really good at displaying emotion, not to mention the youngest pulls off some stuff that makes your skin crawl. 
  9. You will be afraid of closets again. I promise. 
  10. There is not a single scene that was not needed for either psychological effect, back story, suspense building or character building. 
  11. The atmosphere is perfectly grungy where it needs to be and foggy and grey in other areas. it does NOT go without a mass use of textures. 
  12. Moths. there are moths everywhere. SO HAPPY ABOUT THAT.
  13. They make good use of panic inducing triggers, such as being chased or being grabbed from behind suddenly. 
  14. A few of the only flaws are a few loose ends left at the end of the movie about a few minor characters and weak character on a few people. 

Overall, this is now one of my favourite horror movies of all time. I cannot wait for it to come out on DVD so i can buy the fuck out of it.

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    Word. Americans complaining about the un-american-ness of the movie is funny. This was wonderful for what it was AND THE...
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    yep. I AM scared of the closet
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    FUCKING. AGREED. This movie broke my heart and scared the shit out of me at the same time. 10/10 would recommend.
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