Went on a walk, found a dead cat. Eerie was picking through fur for ribs and found evidence of a last meal for the cat! Little mouse jaws!

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Hickory nut shells and a possum vertebrae. The shells are destined for jewelry. #nature #foundobjects #naturaljewelry

Sorry about all of the uninteresting posts. My life is a bit boring. :/

I love #nature.


Lookit this pretty baby i found on my walk today. One of his antlers is busted but my oh my hes pretty. Thanks Cernunnos! #bones #vultureculture #deerskull

Its a perfect day to spend outside. @eerieinhorrorland is the best and let me drag him out into the boonies to explore.

Lookit my cute little top hat from the april fools prank! 8D


At the end of bone season last year we found a kitten beside the road. We kept her under a bucket outside so she would get lost under ice and snow. She hasnt changed much over the course of the winter. Hopefully she will start to clean up a bit. #vultureculture #deadanimal #scavenging #bonecollecting

LOOKIT THE LITTLE ME. asdfghjkl the guy making hibachi is too fucking adorable and asdfghjjkll #foodporn #hibachi

Went on a lovely nighttime walk with my two wonderful boys tonight. It was wonderfully surreal.

@dirtyautopsy ‘s tasty crepes. #foodporn


Breakfast with my boy @eerieinhorrorland and with @dirtyautopsy

Two little skulls peeking out at me. #bones #skulls #vultureculture