Finished this up and it’s been a LONG time in the making. #art #drawing #inkwork #penwork #moths #catskull

No good ruffian looking for trouble <3 handsome devils and foul-mouthed degenerates apply within.

Feral kids with too much time to kill. Walk those rails, boy. #brmc #blackrebelmotorcycleclub

My baby is the best. I fucking love this cup.

Took me four tries to get this letter right, but I think I’m finally happy.

Thank fuck for friends with Xanax and booze. I’d never survive crowds of people otherwise.

Bastard son, ruffian, brick wall enthusiast.

Finally done with this <3 #digitalart #halloween #art #drawing

I’ll be making a few of these hopefully but this baby is alllll mine. Hand stained deer jaw <3

Its all that sticky black swamp magic you worked on me.

Finally cold enough for my leather. Thank fuck.

I missed #Hemingway ‘s birthday so I thought id share a photo of my baby. One of my favourite typewriters for sure. #quote #ernesthemingway #writing #typewriter

Crawlin along rusted out tracks like the restless dead, admiring, mourning the loss of a redbrick deity.

Filthy, feral child. Went out walking and chased the smell of rot for fifteen minutes before getting distracted by a stream.

This is my life. (Stolen from @lizmizery )